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2019-2020 AES PreK Registration Link
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Friday, February 01, 2019
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 2019-2020 AES PreK Registration Link

(Click on or Copy and Paste the Above PreK Registration Link in Your Browser)


Carefully preview the following STEPS you will use for pre-registration:


1.  You will create an account by providing a valid email address and password that you must remember.
2.  Next, you will enter the name, address, phone number(s), and email address of the parent/legal guardian who will be the primary account holder.  You will have the option to provide information about a second legal guardian if you wish.
3. Next, you will enter the first name of the child to be pre-registered.  You will be able to add one or more additional children by clicking "Add Child" and entering additional names.

 4. After entering this basic information, you will be prompted to select FINISH at the bottom of the screen to create the account and begin entering specific information about each child.

5. You will complete the personal information for each child including date of birth, gender, primary language, etc.

6.  Next, you will select the Pre-K program(s) for which you wish to pre-register.  


7.  The final step will be to review your information and selections, then submit your completed pre-registration by clicking the "Check Out" button. 


NOTE:  If you already have an account and a child in Pre-K, be sure to ADD the new student you are registering to your account.  Do not replace one child's name with another.


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